In this manual, you will learn how to set up and use an interactive project in your proposal.

This functionality is available with a Sunwise PRO license.

We will divide this article into 2 sections:

- Configuration.

- Using interactive projects.


The first thing we will do is to configure our timelines, in this section we will be able to add up to 10 events where we will describe to the client the steps that will take place after the contracting with your company.

You will find this section in the Company module in the Timelines tab.

You will be able to choose the periodicity in which you want to receive notifications for when your client visits the interactive project and at the bottom the timelines that you already have configured.

To create a new timeline, click on the "+ Add" button.

A window will appear where you will put the name of this new timeline together with the "Create" button.

Once created, we will see on the right side the option to add the events that this new timeline will have.

Now in this section we will click on "+ Add".

Now, a window will appear where we will enter the name of the event, the days of duration and a description of the event as we show you below:

Once you have described the above, click on the "Save" button and you can repeat this step as many times as you need to create the events that will have your "Timeline".

When you create some events to your timeline, it will look like the following screenshot.

The timeline is ready to be used with the interactive projects!

Now, let's move on to the section on using the timeline.

Using the timeline in my interactive projects

To create an interactive project you must have created a contact with your project and at least one generated proposal.

Once this is done in the proposals section you will see a new tab with the title "interactive".

When you open it, you will see a direct link to this manual and a button that will allow you to create a new interactive project, so click on "+ Add".

A window will open where you will be asked to:

- Name this interactive project

- Which timeline you want to use (from the ones created with the configuration step)

- Which proposals you want to include

- The language the interactive project will be in.

Additionally, you can enable or disable the options to attach smart documents and/or datasheets related to the previously selected proposals.

Once the project is created, the following information will appear:

The title of the interactive project and the date it was created:

The share link is the interactive view of the project for your prospect/client.

In the next button you will find the installer view of the interactive link, where you will be able to have a preview and more information to access than the one shared with your prospect.

Project Status

The following section includes the status of the project in the project funnel.


Views are the number of views your prospect has given to the link. You can set up to receive notifications of these views and automatically send your prospect an email each time he/she views it.


The selected timeline and the step your project is at within it.

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