The project funnel allows you to keep better control over each of the different projects and their status. You will be able to visualize the most relevant information of your projects such as the number of projects in each status, the user assigned to each one of them and the amount of the selected proposal, among other data.

In order to view it you must enter the "Projects" module, and then , the different columns with the different statuses and respective projects will be displayed.

Within this module you will be able to:

  • Visualize your projects in list or column form, as you wish.

  • Enter a project directly from this section.

  • For each project created there will be a card with the following information:

    • The name of the project

    • The rate corresponding to the favorite proposal of a project

    • The amount of the proposal marked as favorite*.

    • The name of the consultant assigned to the project

    • The date on which the proposal marked as favorite was made.

*Note: The favorite proposal is the one marked as such in the project file.

  • Update the status of a project from any view:n:

    • View by columns: select and drag the project card from one column to another to update the status. To change the order of the columns you will need to enter the project status settings.

  • Display by List: Select the corresponding status of the project.

Filter projects by Tariff or by Agent

Download a CSV file with the summary of the most important information of your projects.


The different statuses of a project can be configured from the Company module. For more information read the Project Status manual.

For more information about CSV downloading of projects read the following manual CSV Downloading of projects

For more information about the configuration of the status names of a project read the following manual.

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