The status of a project allows us to identify what stage a project is in, as well as to provide metrics for each of the different stages of the project. For example, how many projects have been cancelled, sold, etc.

The status of a project can be modified within the Contact File. At the bottom of the project folder you will find a selector where you can change the status.

As well as within the project itself

You can select between the different statuses in the list, which you can configure as shown below...

Configuring the status list in a project

To configure the project status list, you should go to the "Company" module, in the list section in the project section, you will find the configuration of the contact status list.

You can edit the name of any existing status by clicking on the edit icon. A screen will appear where you can modify the name and color you want to use for that status. Finally click on "Save".

You can also add a new project status by clicking on "Add". A screen will appear where you can type the name and assign a color for the new status. Finally, click on "Save".

To delete a status, click on the (x) next to it. A window will appear in which you must confirm that you want to delete it by typing the word "DELETE" and finally click on the "delete" button.


In the main dashboard you will be able to visualize the number of projects under each of the different stages/status of the project.

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