In this section you will be able to configure all the information of the panels you manage.

To do this, go to the "Products" module in the first tab of "Panels".

How do I add a panel to my product list?

To add a photovoltaic panel, you must click on any of the "Add panel" options. Then a window will appear, where, through a filter, you can find the desired panel more quickly, either by name, brand or model of the panel.

Or in the lower part of this same window you can search in the different pages for the photovoltaic panel to be added.

Once the panel is located, you only have to click on the "Add" button and select the branch where you want to add it.

Subsequently, the photovoltaic panels you have added will appear in the panel section of your listing.

How to enable and disable a PV panel?

You can keep a panel in your product listing without it appearing in your proposals, as long as it is disabled.

To disable a panel on the right side you will find a "switch" with which you can enable and disable the product.

Only enabled panels will be shown when generating proposals and configuring plans. For more information read the Enable and disable products manual.

How do I edit the information of a photovoltaic panel?

To edit the information of a panel you must click on the corresponding edit icon.

Then a screen will appear where you can configure the name, description, product code, type of currency (USD or your local currency), cost, margin or price of the photovoltaic panel, finally you must click on "Save" to update the information entered.


  • Please note that it is not possible to edit the "Brand" and "Type" of panel.

  • The Cost-Margin-Price of the panel is calculated through a "rule of 3", where you can enter the cost and margin to obtain the price; the cost and price to obtain the margin or the price and margin to obtain the cost.

*For more details about the margin that Sunwise calculates you can consult the following article How to calculate the cost margin in Sunwise.

If you do not find the desired panel model, you can send an email to

Can I consider a global margin for all the panels in my list?

If you want to change the profit margin for all the panels in your list, you will have to enter it in the corresponding box and click on "Change price to margin".

Note that the margin is set in percentage (%).

A screen like the following will appear, where you must click on "Confirm" to apply the change to all the panels in your list.

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