In this Manual you will learn about the user roles that your account has available according to the type of license aquired:

In the LITE accounts there is only one owner and the other accounts can only have the "Lite" role that works as a sales agent since they will only have access to create and edit their own contacts and to create proposals with the products that the owner of the account has uploaded.

On the other hand, PRO accounts will have default or predefined roles and owners will be able to edit permissions to a certain extent but will not be able to add new user roles.


The Custom Roles and Permissions Add-on allows you to create more roles to your account and enables a new user level called "Custom" which allows you to freely specify what you want a user to do in the system.

If you want to learn more about this Add-on click here for the corresponding manual.

Now, we will explain the options you have available in a PRO License account in terms of role and permission settings

First of all, the default roles you will find are:

- Owner (Only the main account can have it)

- General Manager

- Branch Manager

- Sales Agent

Edit a role

To edit a role, you must click on the edit icon next to the role.

Once you have clicked on the edit icon, you will be able to edit the changes you require for this role.

One of the items you can edit to the role, is the "contact display level".

Among the options are:

-All contacts: this option allows the user to view all the contacts of the company, it is absolute.

-All branch contacts: only relevant if you contract the multi-branch add-on, this option will allow the user with this role to view all the contacts of the branch regardless of whether or not they are assigned to him.

- Only contacts assigned to the Advisor: this option will only allow the user with this role to view the contacts assigned to him/her.

The role permissions are divided into 3 categories:

  • Contact permissions

  • Proposer actions

  • Configuration permissions

Depending on the category you are in, you will see checkboxes to enable/disable each of the available permissions.

As you can see in the image above, in the "Proposer Actions" category you can set a maximum discount limit in percentage (%) so that your account users cannot exceed this percentage either as a direct discount, by modifying the USDxWatt or the subtotal of the proposal.

Once you have modified the information you required in each category, click "save changes" to finalize.


The owner role cannot be edited, it will always have permissions to perform any functionality in the account, as well as view all contacts registered by other users.

A role cannot be deleted, it can only be edited if it has the necessary permissions.

When making changes to any role, we suggest that you tell the user to log out and log back in so that they can see the changes reflected.

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