A contact can be edited after you create it, either to modify its personal information, add a location/address, add a supporting contact or to upload personal documents.

Personal information of the contact.

In the contact file you can modify the customer status, the default ones are prospect, contact, customer or lost (See more information in the Listings Manual in the Company module).

You can also mark it as a favorite by selecting the star icon and edit the complete information of the contact by selecting the edit icon.

You will be able to edit any of its data:

Gender, First Name, Last Name, Company, RFC, Contact Status, Email, Phone, Contact Source and Assigned Advisor:

You can add as many phone numbers and e-mails as necessary.

To save the contact information just select the Save option.

Add Location

In this section you can add an address for the contact, which will be located on the map. You will be able to move the location on the map to match the exact place, this will not affect the address previously entered only the coordinates.

Add Support Contact

Support contacts are people that the user wants to relate to a main contact for various reasons.

To add them, simply select the Add Support Contact button.

The information that can be added to a support contact is the following:

First name, Last name, Company, Position, contact phone number and contact email.

You can add as many phone numbers and e-mails as necessary.

To save the contact just select the Save option.

Add Documents and Personal Data

In this section the user can attach the necessary documents and data for the automatic filling of the intelligent documents that can be used in later procedures for the closing of a project as their Personal Identification.

To add documents the user only has to select the Add Documents option.

Then choose the type of document to be added and enter its value. In an example if we select "Pasport" in value we will type the Passport ID of the client.

To finish, select the save option.

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