The Plans Module allows you to create and configure your business plans for a residential, commercial or industrial installation. You can include the equipment in your product list, the desired template, branch office and the percentage of energy savings to be considered.

Create a plan

To create a plan we must first go to the Plans section which you will find on the left side of your screen, once inside the section we will locate the "Add plan" button which is located on the top right side of the screen.

Once inside the plan configurator we will have to select/fill in the corresponding data for the plan:

  • Name of the plan with which you want to identify it

  • Template in which you want to print/display the proposal

  • Type of Installation: Residential, Commercial or Industrial

  • Panel Model

  • Inverter Brand

  • Accessory/s to be used in this plan

  • Structure to be used

  • Labor and Electric Material

  • Additional products required for the plan

  • % of energy savings to be considered in the first instance

Note: There can only be one default plan per type of Installation (Residential, Commercial and Industrial) and the one that is last selected will always be taken as the default.

Once the selection of products and parameters is finished, select the Save button and it will be immediately added to the list of plans.

Modify Plan created

To modify an existing plan we will find three points on the right side of the plan, click on them and select Edit plan.

Make the changes you consider and finally we will click on Update.


  • At the moment of elaborating a proposal, the last plan to which the type of installation corresponding to the one of the receipt that is being used will be taken into account.

  • When you make a proposal, even though there is a default plan, all the selected parameters can be modified in the proposal maker.

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